“Council to revisit fiber ordinance”

Blogger’s been stubborn today; apologies for the late posting.

Today’s Advertiser carries an overview of the fiber optic bond ordinance to be introduced tomorrow:

The council and Lafayette Public Utilities Authority are expected on Tuesday to introduce an amended revenue bond ordinance that officials believe corrects two problems in its original ordinance identified by the Third Circuit Court of Appeal. Final action is expected two weeks later. The public will not have to vote on the ordinance again.

The story goes over some of the same ground covered in an Advocate article last week and remarked on here.

In its ruling, the court stated concerns that LUS proposed the use of multiple funds for its fiber project and that a pledge of LUS resources was not adequate because it did not allow for default. The ordinance to be proposed Tuesday is expected to correct those deficiencies.

The big issue is whether or no our new ATT/BellSouth overlords will continue to sue us to prevent even the smallest bit of local competition from threatening their realm.