Local Takes on the BellSouth Sale

If you want, you can get reassuring words from BellSouth’s Oliver about how little difference ATT buying his company will make to anyone anywhere in the state from any media outlet in the state. In his official role as president of BellSouth Louisiana he’s talked to the Advertiser, the Advocate, and the Times-Picayune at least.

Things that Oliver says will not change in one or more of the various interviews linked to above: most Louisiana employment, service, charitable giving, contributions to education, hurricane reconstruction efforts, Lafayette’s Cingular operation, the Yellow Pages operations, and Louisiana’s status as a state-wide division.

Other things that Oliver did not mention but will also remain unchanged: BellSouth/ATT opposition to local self-determination in Lafayette, BS/ATT opposition to New Orleans’ muni WiFi network, opposition to state-wide emergency communications, the traditional wildly exploitive contract for state services, and forthcoming requests that Louisiana subsidize their private company’s losses from Katrina and Rita.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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