Endless Lawsuits parts 25 & 26

My mother used to call things “kooky” when she was trying hard not to use more colorful language in front of the children.

The latest developments in our legal battles are kooky, damned kooky.

Both the Advertiser and the Advocate run stories attempting to make sense of the latest developments in the legal case brought by a batch of class action lawyers from Plaquimines on behalf of two mysterious clients that are supposed to be from Lafayette.

Here is, if I’ve got it right, the list of developments:

  • The Lafayette Parish Utility Authority (LPUA) met and passed new rules governing the appeal of rates changes.
  • Members of the LPUA expressed a desire to be shown the extortionists plantiffs Matthew Eastin and Elizabeth Naquin; apparently some doubt exists that they exist and have standing to sue.
  • LPUA chair Marc Mouton calls the whole affair: “some net-dragging class-action lawsuit.”
  • Lawyers for Lafayette ask Judge Rubin to follow the intent of the bond law and not “suspend” a court hearing for 21 days that is required by law to be decided in 10 days. (uh…duh)
  • Lawyers for Lafayette ask Judge Rubin to find that the LPUA can’t rule on bond issue questions because state law defines rigid ways that involve him ruling quickly and exclusively based on that law on any matters concering bond issues.
  • Lawyers from Plaquimines get around to a formal complaint against the bond issue with the LPUA.
  • In the same filing where they ask for bond relief lawyers from Plaquimines ask the LPUA in to recuse itself because it is the agency responsible for making decisions about utility matters, including rate increases, and because the larger council of which the LPUA is a subset passed the laws governing, well, the LPUA. (Recuse yourself from deciding on the request we just made because you are the decision-makers. How Kooky is that?)
  • Lawyers from Plaquimines also ask for the lawyers for Lafayette to recuse themselves. Because they are also lawyers for the city. Wait, won’t that be the case for any lawyers that defend the city? Wouldn’t that logic that make it impossible for the city to defend itself against “net-dragging” lawsuits? …Oh! Clever boys! (Kooky? Kooky.)

I think that’s most of it. Read the articles for details.

I saw a show last night in which an actor said he’d never want to be a lawyer because the work was “too much like doing homework for a living.” This morning I think I understand what he meant.

13 thoughts on “Endless Lawsuits parts 25 & 26”

  1. John, You are as Kooky as Mark Mouton. Mark was elected to represent the people not the government. LUS and LCG have been found guilty twice for violating the law. They have broken the law and someone should pay for wasting the peoples money. Please tell me you are not as stupid as Mouton and the rest of the gang. I hope Lafayette gets their butts handed to them on this class action suit. It is the only way we can help people like you see reality. Even if some Corporation put the lawyers up to this.

  2. Oh brave anonymous person,

    I understand well that some people prefer corporations to their community. It’s soul-cleansing to own up to it–of course some Corporation put these lawyers–and the two people who no can find–up to this. Nobody benefits from this lawsuit other than BellSouth and Cox.

    Mark Mouton, and the rest of the council, is doing exactly what the people elected him to do: defend their interests. Even in the corporate fantasy world you appear to inhabit you’ll have to admit that the community has told Marc Mouton and all our representatives directly that they want this project to go through.

    You do recall, I hope, that Fiber won last July 16th? Better than 2 to 1? For that matter, Mouton’s district voted for Fiber at even higher rates than the rest of the city. He’s entitled. And the community is entitled to a vigorous defense of its perfectly legal and sensible decision.

    That’s the reality. Face it.

  3. You are wrong again “John Art Thou”!! The people didn’t approve allowing the elected officials or Terry Huval to break the law. They have been caught twice violating the law and now we get to watch the main event. This should be great to watch the finger pointing and singing that takes place in the Media.
    be glad you are only involved with this issue from the outside looking in. I hate to see you go down with the group. You are not involved with good old boys or are you?

  4. You are correct I do prefer Corporations to my local Government. I am an American and this country stands for Freedom. Our Free Enterprise system is what makes dreams come true.
    Let me also say that BellSouth and Cox are not the only people that benefit from this lawsuit. I would guess that Naquin and Easton are going to get a large kick back from the attorneys after they get the multi milliion payment from LUS. The Attorney will also benefit witha grand payday of 40% of the total overcharged amount. John, I have one last question for you. tell me about your product you want to sell to Lafayette. You must have some idea or product.

  5. John I hear you would like to sell the classroom camera idea to the LPSB and you could ride the LUS fiber to monitor your services. Can you please tell me how much you are going to charge LPSB or LCG? Will you need to pay for the use of the fiber?

  6. Oh anonymous coward,

    It is easy to see why you don’t use your name–no one would willingly associate what’s left of their good name with such tripe.

    Ingnorance: I know all your buddy’s around the bar are saying that LUS broke the law (Twice!) This is plain dumb and wouldn’t normally warrant an answer, but since you insist: NO, LCG/LUS has never “broken the law.” Out of the multitude of findings so far LUS’position has been found wanting by the courts only twice. (Being eager to actually get on with it they’ve never appealed so two is the total.) Being sued and having your plan be shot down does not entail ANY illegal activity. NONE. Nobody, nowhere (except ignoramuses) is saying any laws were broken. Get a grip, fella, Your rhetoric is showing.

    What in the world are you thinking, identifying being an American with kissing up to your corporate masters? That’s not the way real American’s think. Standing up to illegitimate power by joining together is exactly how America came to be. Just about the only corporation in the modern sense back then was the East India Tea company–and I bet you can’t guess what side they were on.

    Your pitiful fantasy of some sort of “classroom camera” idea that supposedly secretly motivates me personally is the sort of vague and self-serving mean-spiritedness that only men hiding behind anonymity come up with. My guess is that because you are exactly the sort that kisses up to corporate power and money and prefer those to dealing honestly and forthrightly with those who are your neighbors you can’t imagine why anyone could have any motivations other than the selfish ones that motivate you.

    I’ve got exactly no plans for selling any kind of “classroom camera” idea to anyone. What I do have is 6 grandchildren living in Lafayette and a desire to make sure that they grow up in a community that they’ll both be proud to live in and which will have an economy which won’t force them to move away.

    Just because greed motivates you doesn’t mean it has to be what motivates everyone.

  7. You sound like the Corporate exec. that was telling me that Naquin and Easton were just looking out for their community by taking legal action. I don’t believe him and I don’t believe you. You are all out for some situation that you can benefit from and MONEY MOTIVATES YOU just as it does the Attorneys, The Naquins, and the Eastons, the Fencemaker, the Allens, the Staggs and the Durels. You may try to classify yourself as someone who is different than others becasue you have grandchildren but the truth is you have a master plan and you are very angry because you got trumped by another Master plan that was put together by some coproration or attorney or even some cajun lady named Naquin who has grandchildren and wants to save the world from Terry “Hitler” Huval. It is a game called “life” you should get one and live with it.

    P.S. Tell me more about you plan to watch children as they are in school all day. Is it for security or something personal you should share with the public before they approve your product and find out every pedefile could see their child at any time.

  8. Ok readers, it’s time to take a long, good look at the sort of folks who are in opposition to LUS’ fiber plan and the express will of the people.

    Take a look above and see what such people say when they think nobody knows their name and can connect any of their ignorant bile to their “reputation.”

    They hate their community and hopes “Lafayette gets their butts” handed to them. They prefer corporations to community. They think that the corporate executives are lying to them about lawsuits and are ok with that. They like the idea that (reportedly) local people would sue their own community and think that its ok if the reason they are doing so is greed. These are the type of people who really actually believe that everything is explained by greed. This character is a fine example of the sort of sorry-ass person that insults others and insinuates garbage about others. Just because it is the sort of thing that motivates him he assumes that the whole world is as poorly built as he is. And, if that weren’t enough, these are the sorts of people who can’t even spell the ugliness they accuse others of.

    The only justice out of all that is these people smear themselves and don’t even notice they’ve done it. They indict themselves out of their own mouths.

    You know the sort. You’ve sat and watched the conversation turn ugly and vicious when they think the listeners share their hidden meanness. Decent people watch quietly and learn to avoid ’em.

  9. How is this going to help you sell your product. Does government need to one to buy your product or can you sell it to the private sector? Is it because you can charge much more if GOvernment is the buyer?

  10. John –

    It’s obvious that Anon is some sort of Troll out to get a rise from you. It’s just too bad that the troll is not even entertaining in the least bit.

    To the Troll: Your corporate masters had EVERY OPPORTUNITY to provide the service that LUS is fighting so hard to provide now. Lafayette want’s it, would like to move forward, and will reap the rewards of the technological advancees in spades, if they can fight off the corporate juggernaut of mis-information, fear, and (your favorite obviously…) MONEY.

    If only you had some sort of concrete proof of these many “wrongdoings” that LUS and CO. has committed! Oh wait, you can’t, because there are absolutely none. They have played fair since the begining, and will continue to do so I bet, even at the risk of losing it all. If that happens, I hope your sorry butt is happy with what you get. Stagnate technology and increased prices. Maybe you like that though…

  11. Hi Shad,

    (Fancy that, a person with the courage to use their own name.)

    You’re right he’s trolling. The interesting thing to me is that he’s such a great example of my darkest imaginings. As I watch these guys I often think things like: “They must really think Greed is good.” or “It seems like these guys really prefer corporations to their own community.” or “Do they really think everyone is as small-minded as they are?”

    I try and tell myself that that sort of thinking couldn’t possibly be fair: that they’re just not consistent, or they are just wrong about some assumption.

    it’s trolls like this one that convince me my intial analysis is right–and that most of these guys are not the sort that you’d want in your home.

  12. Don’t you guys think you should hear the evidence that the plantiffs want to present? Or should we just dispense with the formality of a trial and hang them now?


  13. Sure, I definitly believe in due process, legaility, innocent until proven guilty, that sort of thing you know.

    It just seems to me to be a bit on the frivelous side. There is a clear and discernable pattern to take note of here.

    Lafayette tries to move forward with their Fiber Plans and then some sort of block or delay tactic is used to halt progress in the form of Lawsuits.

    You know – like the whole “Let the People Vote” issue. Kind of backfired on them there as Lafayette did vote, and they voted FOR FIBER! Remember that?

    All in all – It boils down to one thing, and one thing only. Delay Tactics.

    Why compete and innovate when you can litigate?