Cox internet service goes down [update]

[update: a slightly fleshed-out article developed from the newsflash discussed below was published this morning.]

According to a newsflash on the Advertiser site internet service for much of Acadiana went out this morning:

A routine procedure gone wrong,’ is the way Cox Communications is describing the outage which shut off telephone and Internet services for between 10,000 and 20,000 Acadiana customers this morning.

“Our television product is fine, but there was some maintenance done on some lines in a road-widening project and something went wrong,” said Sharon Kleinpeter, vice-president of governmental and public affairs for Cox Communications in Baton Rouge.

KATC says:

Internet phone lines are down for some residents in Lafayette, St. Martin, and parts of Vermilion and Acadia.

A peek at the cable map reveals that the description pretty much fits the whole Cox footprint in Acadiana. It makes sense that VOIP phones would go down with the internet services they depend upon.

I experienced this outage myself and have to say that it didn’t seem much like the simple line damage as Kleinpeter’s description would suggest. I cycled in an out of getting no signal at all. My issues persisted well into the afternoon. At times I could go to some places on the net but not others (most notably I could not get to this blog site all morning). For a while Google was impossible to use but Yahoo was fine. Some issues seemed like DHCP problems, others like more basic routing outages, and, at times, some of it did seem like dead line.

I’ll be interested in hearing the final explanation. 10-20,000 internet customers is a lot of customers out.