Endless Lawsuits parts 27 & 28

Here’s the story, direct from the lead:

Attorneys representing two residents filed yet another appeal Friday in the Lafayette Utilities System fiber-optic legal saga.

Yet another. That’s pretty much all you really need to know. It’s all about delaying Lafayette’s fiber optic build.

The rest is only interresting if you can somehow find a way to make it at least marginally entertaining. Luckily there is an amusing aspect: The lawyers from Plaquimine are getting a little desperate to stay in the game. According to the story they are appealing a ruling that dismissed a request they made. At first that sounds reasonable. But then you find out that the reason the judge dismissed their suit is because (get ready): they’d already gotten what they asked for. They wanted the LPUA to adopt rules governing rate appeals. The LPUA did that last week. The judge pointed that out.

The amusing part? They’re suing anyway. You’ll hear me saying these guys will sue over anything to stop Lafayette…but I never expected such a dramatic conformation: They’ll even sue over getting their way. Go figure.

Less amusing: this filing just makes sure that they have an lawsuit, no matter how frivolous, active just in case Lafayette tries to sell their bonds and they need even a weak tool to buy a week’s worth of delay.

Not to worry; the story reveals that they’re planning to roll out yet another lawsuit. This one appealing their failed attempt to entagle the bond sale with the rate issue at the LPUA.

Plaquemine attorney Patrick Pendley, representing Naquin and Eastin, said Wednesday that they return to court to challenge a bond ordinance adopted in March by the LPUA and City-Parish Council.

Now I thought they were in the middle of a “suspended” hearing in Judge Rubin’s courtroom on that very issue. So maybe appealing that would be getting ahead a little bit. Even if the lawyers think they’ll loose in court it should be basic good manners to wait until the judge hears your case before appealing. Otherwise you and your clients appear desperately self-serving.

You, know this isn’t all that amusing after all.