Good News: Less Absurd Delays [Update]

Update: The Advocate prints a piece on the change to an earlier date for hearing the bond case and gives a clear explanation. In a separate email I’m told that not all the onus for the mixup should be placed on the clerk’s office–apparently the judge was supposed to file some special piece of paperwork which didn’t come through.


I’ve been told that the Advocate was wrong in thinking that Judge Rubin was going to wait until July the 31st to hear the hear the bond issue that is the current block to selling the bonds that Lafayette needs to build the system if voted for last summer. An earlier post here was based on that assumption.

Instead the judge will hear the issue the next time he comes around, June 19th. That’s still a long time to hold a hearing open for reasons that were never adequately explained but it isn’t nearly as bad as forcing the community to wait till August.

Folks are supposing the mistake occurred at the Clerk’s Office. Workers there routinely fill up the available time slots and place the new cases at the end of the line. Presumeably that was July 31st. But, since this is an expedited case it will be heard the next time the judge is in town.

Good. I want something to celebrate on July 16th, Lafayette Telecom Independence Day. Here’s to hoping that Judge Rubin will give us that.