In Case You Weren’t Clear On How…

…The Telcos Screwed Everyone”

Techdirt is willing to put you onto a source which will give you the low-down in book-length form.

Bruce Kushnick, the author of The $200 Billion BroadbandScandal has decided to give his book away in PDF form for a week–you’ve got till next Monday to download it for free. It’s really a pretty amazing read. The phone companies have run a number on state and federal legislators ever since the breakup of AT&T–they’ve been promising fiber-based service for years (45 megs up and down in some cases!) in order to get price hikes and other regulatory breaks (like the ability to kick CLECs off their network) for years and have yet to keep their promises –obviously.

Kushnick claims it adds up to $200 billion dollars scammed from the public. And nobodyis holding them to their word. Painful stuff.

Go get your own copy.

–tip o’ the hat for the link to a reader who doesn’t trust the telecos either–

1 thought on “In Case You Weren’t Clear On How…”

  1. I really hope some people take advantage of this. It’s a real eye opener. Some of the things that this guy brings to light are pretty shocking. Don’t take my word for it though, go download it for yourself and form your own opinion about it.

    45mbs symetrical would have been nice. Mind you, it still would not keep up with other countries around the world who have essentially doubled that and more already.