Advocate Brief on Veto Deadlines

The Advocate carries a brief bit today on the possible veto of the no-good, very bad video franchise bill pushed through the legislature over local objections.

Terry Ryder said 16 bills were pending action as the weekend started, including the budget and state construction program, one that could shield nursing homes from budget cuts and a cable TV competition measure.

So far, the governor has publicly announced the veto of one measure. Ryder said several other bills have been vetoed but phone calls are being made to proponents and reasons for the vetoes written for delivery to the House and Senate.

You can still add your voice to those who’d like to make sure that one of the bills that the Governor is making polite notifications calls letting sponsors know she has vetoed them is HB 699.

See the bottom of this recent post (correction!-that should have been this post) for the list of phone numbers and email address through which you can let Blanco know your mind.