On the Governor’s Desk

BellSouth’s HB 699 –the statewide video franchise bill that makes redlining an official state policy– remains on the governor’s desk and action on it is going to go down to the wire. The deadline for action is midnight tonight or it becomes law without her signature.

According to The Daily Advertiser:

Another controversial bill awaiting final action is one that allows cable television competition. After the Legislature approved it, mayors from around the state urged Blanco to veto it, claiming that the bill would trample on their authority and cost them huge sums in cable contracts.

Most of the reporting this morning is over a website tossed up by a Baton Rouge man which channels anti-“pork” emails to the governor. He hopes that will move the governor.

We’ve had a similar hope: that emails will move her to veto HB 699. But a phone call would be even better. (Havn’t been following this one? More info can be found in an earlier post.)

One last time to the trough:

  • Toll-free: 1-866.310.7617 (This toll-free number is not always picked up. Try it first but be prepared to whip out your cell and call the alternate number.)
  • Alternate: (225) 342-0991 (Nice lady answers the phone and takes your brief message.)
  • Fax: (225) 342-7099
  • Web-based email: Email the Governor (the webmail script does not execute correctly on my setup–though it apparently works for some; the embedded email address is: contact@gov.state.la.us –it might be wiser to use that than to trust the webmail form.

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