Advertiser editorializes on Eastin and Naquin

Today’s Advertiser editorial is dedicated to the Naquin-Eastin question. With the recent one-year anniversary of the fiber to the home vote and with the bond issue appeal due to be finally decided by the middle of August feelings are running high in the city about the delaying lawsuit.

The Advertiser editorial staff raises good questions–they ask about the unusual secrecy of the pair, the long parade of lawsuits, their apparent willingness to do the work of the incumbents, the possibility that Naquin and Eastin are pursuing this for personal profit.

Though many points will be familiar to regular readers here, the essay is well worth reading. Some teaser quotes:

There is one question that we would like for Naquin and Easton to honestly honor. It is an important one.

Does the ongoing legal opposition to the LUS program reflect solely your own views?

LUS Director Terry Huval already has begun asking a question that is becoming common in the community: “Nobody knows anything about these folks. Who’s putting these people up to this?…”

Until there is open dialogue, the tendency of the public will be to suspect that Naquin and Eastin are acting for others, possibly for personal gain.

And finally:

Besides delaying a project approved by the people and the courts, the ongoing litigation has cost the taxpayers of Lafayette a substantial amount of money. The public deserves to know why.