“Cox changes are an attempt at extortion”

The letters complaining about Cox cable continue to roll in to the Advertiser. (A recent letter complained about slower-than-advertised internet speeds.) The latest is basic:

The recent “changes” brought forth by Cox Communications are nothing more than extortion-to a captive audience…

It’s time we end this business’ strong-arm tactics. Vote with your pocketbook!

Given that Cox continues to insist that the people of Acadiana never should have had those “extra” channels in the first place and continues to wave away local anger with the explanation that “people don’t like change”–ignoring the idea that locals really are losing losing popular, long-standing stations that people feel are valuable– it’s easy to understand why people are frustrated.

Cox made this change for the money and for its operational convenience. Had they been willing to take a little less money and do a little more work there’s no technical reason they couldn’t have continued the old setup. That’s hard for Cox to admit but, on the balance, being honest would be better for them in the long run; right now they are training their customers to not believe them. Or, of course, they could have tried actually sacrificing just a little to keep their customers happy.

But that would be the behavior of a company with enough competition to keep them honest.

And we don’t have that. Yet.