“LUS: Municipal bonds at risk”

Kevin Blanchard at the Advocate has posted a worth-while read on the city’s appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

The crux of the story he tracks out is Lafayette’s contention that the Third Circuit’s ruling is dangerous to the municipal bonding process state-wide.

The appeals court decision that blocks Lafayette Utilities System from issuing telecommunications bonds backed by utilities revenue threatens all municipal bonds and should therefore be overturned, according to an LUS appeal filed Friday to the state Supreme Court.

That danger was a point that was raised after the previous lawsuit by BellSouth–the one that LUS/LCG chose not to appeal–and abandoning the lawsuit made some observers outside Lafayette very nervous on that account alone. As I mentioned in my post last night on this issue the Louisiana Municipal Association is expected to file a friend of the court brief in support of Lafayette that addresses their concern over the way the Third Circuit ruling undercuts existing municipal bond practices.

Blanchard does his usual exemplary job of explaining arcane matters. Give the article a read.