“Can Cox be called our ‘digital-age friends?'”

Anger over Cox’s recent channel changes continues unabated. The most recent letter to the editor is particularly upset about the loss of the sole French-speaking channel from the lineup.

In a city where the Census Bureau data indicates that about 13% of the population speaks French in the home that’s a good question. (The percentage of French speakers is bound to be much higher.) The talk I hear about town focuses on the fact that while the one French channel was moved off into the stratosphere of high numbers and high prices a major new service package of multiple channels and attractive programing was offered in Spanish (whose speakers are about 2% of the population). Preserving the unique heritage of the region would be hugely helped if there was a similar package in French.

Cox wants Lafayette to be more like Baton Rouge because it would be more convenient for them.

But the citizens of Lafayette aren’t interested in being more like Baton Rouge.

Cox needs to wise up and actually serve the communities they are in rather than trying to make one size fit all. The days of their monopoly are numbered.

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