‘LITE glowing nicely…’

Kevin Blanchard of the Advocate tracks the progress of the LITE center today—and it seems considerable. A sample:

Already LITE has reached agreements with several clients, including technology companies, movie production and oil and gas-related companies, Cruz said.

Because of commercial privacy concerns, Cruz briefed the commission on a few potential targets who are in negotiations with LITE for potential contracts — including an engineering firm, a telecommunications company and another oil and gas company.

If tech Lafayette is a focus of yours, reading the article will be worth the gander for the hints at what might be in the pipeline for the project and the city.

Also worthy of note:

LITE will also be opening its doors to the public every first Wednesday of the month for 30-minute tours. For information or reservations, call (337) 735-LITE (5483).

I’ve missed two perfectly good chances to make a tour. Those I know who weren’t so foolish tell me it is exciting. (3D? You ain’t seen 3D. Wide Screen? Try Immersive) Your next chance is February 7th.