The AP & the T-P pick up the story

The Times-Picayune in New Oreans has picked up an AP story on Lafayette’s win in the fiber-optic battle.

Pull Quote:

The court also threw out a large portion of Naquin’s arguments, saying her suit had been filed past the 60-day hard and fast deadline to challenge bond issuances passed through an election.

That’s the first reaction beyond our media market. I expect many more….this is news far beyond our borders.

3 thoughts on “The AP & the T-P pick up the story”

  1. Anon,

    There’s legal and there’s practical.

    Legally: Yes

    Practically: No

    No lawyer who values his standing before the state’s highest court is going to waste their time or try their patience by suggesting that the court reconsider a unanimous decision that you lost on every point — both substantial and procedural.

    I’ve learned caution but I can’t believe that this will happen. But in 14 days even that door will close.

    This stage is over.