Fiber Doesn’t Cure All Ills!

A not so gentle (ok, brutal) reminder that fiber won’t cure all our sins. It’ll just make ’em all arrive faster (as it will for all our virtues).


[Snake Oil, from the IND.]
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7 thoughts on “Fiber Doesn’t Cure All Ills!”

  1. Anono,

    You’re a troll, right?

    Surely you’ve heard of the first amendment. If you’re serious I 1) feel sorry for you, and 2) would be happy to direct you to where you can get software to apply your own customized filters to your home. Just let me know what system you use.

    I don’t want your filters on my internet. Tend to your own house. Literally.

  2. anono,

    Now we know what sort of character people have who want to control what others see and hear.

    Not interested in the log in your eye, eh…thats pretty much the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen on my blog.

    I’ll leave it up to prove the point.


    These people are not the clean-minded, right-thinking types they’d like you to believe they are. Scratch the surface and this is what you find: a foul-mouthed coward hiding behind anonymity that protects them from suffering any consequence of their attempts to smear others.

    They’d like to control what you see and hear but they’ve no inclination to control themselves.

    This is a demonstration.