“LUS to hold public input session”

The Ind blog reports that LUS is preparing to hold “a public input session to allow interested members of the community an opportunity to share their ideas for what they would like to see the fiber system offer.” Terry Huval is quoted as saying:

“This will not be a session to debate the merits of the plan,” Huval says. “It is only to solicit ideas from the community.”

Okay folks, this is what it means to have a public telecom utility…you get to have a say in what it does. This is precisely what we fought for. It is up to you to take advantage of the opportunity.

The broadest question is: What do we want to do with our network? What services do we wish to receive. (Beyond phone, cable, and internet.) How do you think it should be done? Early in the fight there was a lot buzz and work done on digital divide issues. The council signed onto a statement of principles concerning the city’s promise to use the opportunity represented by owning our own network to help close the digital divide. How would you liked to see those ideas implemented?

Mark your calendars: the tentative time and date is the evening of March 8 in City Hall. (Last I heard the word was that there would be at least two such meetings but there is no mention of a second here.)