Fiber Forum Reviews

Local medial covered last night’s Fiber Forum. Both local television stations, the Advertiser, and the Advocate ran stories. Take a look, both stories are worth your review if you are interested in the future of our project.

Teasers from the Advocate:

…when LUS Internet customers are communicating inside the LUS network — which will run throughout the city — their Internet speed would be the maximum LUS could offer.

It costs additional money for LUS to connect customers to the Internet outside its network, but not for “Intranet” traffic, Huval said…

Local lawyer Kaliste Saloom III said the new system should take advantage of bandwidth to enable and increase community-based programming, including greatly expanding the Acadiana Open Channel’s ability to distribute locally generated programming.

Huval said LUS would be looking at inexpensive computer devices for people to connect to the Internet — either through computers that are little more than a keyboard, screen and a connection to a network that holds all the software, or, at the suggestion of a resident [Glenn Lambert], cable set top boxes that come with a keyboard and act as a computer.

A wireless Internet product is also on the table, Huval said.

After the network is built to each home and business in the city, running fiber-optic cables down every street, there will be a “robust” backbone for a citywide wireless network, Huval said.

Teasers from the Advertiser:

…Huval said that public participation is important in LUS’ plan and is one of the things that makes the business different. The customers, who are also owners, have a real say in the way the business operates.

Dorsey said he hoped the fiber network could turn Lafayette into the first city in North America to embrace video phone technology.

Bill Connolly, a LUS customer, said it would be a good idea to include a feature that would allow citizens to check their daily water, sewage and electricity usage online instead of waiting for an LUS bill at the end of the month.

Huval also said interest in fiber optics network has spread beyond LUS customers.

“There’s been an interest expressed by people outside the city,” he said. “It’s hard to ignore that.”

Exciting times are upon us. The attitude exhibited by LUS and the savvy demonstrated by the public are good news.

Point of Personal Privilege; about the absence of KATC & KLFY links:
Both KATC and KLFY have videos available that cover this story but I can’t be comfortable linking to them. Frankly, there’s nothing in the content worth waiting through the ads and wading through the squirrelly javascript once you’ve managed to locate it. The proprietary MS technology that both have purchased from some common vendor in an attempt to make sure they can force you to watch additional ads is sure to break the links for folks with older or nonmicrosoft technology. The contrast between the city’s vision and the stations’ clunky adherence to broken technology could not be greater. Not everything is dandy in the hub city. (There’s something seriously wrong when the best, most accessible video on the local net is at the newspaper’s site.)

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  1. Well, that forum was definitely a positive step with a minimum of fuss. It was very nice that the attitude was of a “this is moving forward” in general from the participants. I hope to be at the next one too!