Opposition: No Longer Relevant

I just discovered that “RightBlog,” the Advertiser’s weekly political traffic builder from the right, is on fiber this week—and I discovered it isn’t building much traffic.

Apparently published 4 days ago the article dropped into our local pond without a splash–or even so much as a noticeable ripple. There was a time when that wouldn’t have been true. I would have expected that someone would email me, or that it’d show up on my daily google search or during my pass through the local media. I even have another regular search through the topix service that catches newspaper material that doesn’t rise very high in the page rankings.

But none of that worked. Nobody has noticed this essay. Nobody bothered to comment online regarding his minority position on what has been the city’s premier issue for the last few years. Considering the pages of commentary on youthful attire that we are sometimes “treated” to in those forums that lack of interest is telling: the city no longer listens to those that want to complain about a settled question. We want it, we voted for it, and now we are going to have it. The message is clear: we’re not interested. Get over it.

Yes, the postal service lead-in is painfully dated. Yes, the mushy position we ought to be able to have the system–but only if we share it with those that have fought us tooth and nail to kill it rather than let us do for ourselves what they refused to do for us just can’t make much sense to anyone. And yes, the lengthy belaboring of the idea that LUS would bring pornography(!) to town that didn’t exist before is the worst sort of silliness–something that can’t be taken seriously by anyone who has perused late-night cable and the pay-per-view channels from Cox or anyone who has noticed what can be found on the internet that BellSouth/AT&T brings into your home.

But my guess is that the lack of response isn’t due to the considerable weakness of Caudell’s positions. It is due to the fact that the time for such complaints is past. With the issue now settled beyond a doubt what once was opposition is now comes off as nothing but whining. And no one is interested in that.

And that, frankly, is the best news I’ve (not) heard all week.

31 thoughts on “Opposition: No Longer Relevant”

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