Light a Candle For Lafayette

The Advertiser carries a brief report on the state of the fiber bond rating process currently going on in New York.

The initial reaction from bond rating agencies that will rate revenue bonds used to finance the project was positive, LUS Director Terry Huval said…

A good rating means that Lafayette is a good risk to potential investors. It also means the city’s bonds will have a lower interest rate and will cost less to pay off.

That’s good news. This is vitally important. Though they are low profile, these negotiations will determine the cost of the single most expensive element of the fiber to the home project: the cost of the money. A good bond rating will mean a low interest rate.

Seriously, go light a candle. (I’ve got a St. John the Conquerer candle that I save for special occasions. It didn’t seem to hurt during my dissertation defense. 🙂 I’m going to go light it now.)

2 thoughts on “Light a Candle For Lafayette”

  1. don’t burn your house down becasue there is no fiber her yet and there will be no way to notify the fire division.