WBS: “Lafayette pioneers a competitive muni-fiber project”

What’s Being Said Dept.

Fiberevolution notices, apparently via the intercession of Dirk van der Woude, Lafyette’s project and comments admiringly on the unique features we’ll be getting. The take:

The level of service LUS (Lafayette Utilities Service) intends to provide is quite ambitious:

  • Symetric service, whatever the level of bandwidth subscribed. It may sound obvious since it’s easy to do over fibre, but it’s not the norm, so it makes sense.
  • Full-speed onnet capability – a very cool feature for community based services such as this one – regardless of teh level of bandwidth subscribed
  • Retail wifi capability, which could prove very popular with SoHos, shops, etc.
  • No hook-up fees and no contract duration. That’s actually quite daring from LUS…
  • 20% savings on triple-play. That’s a price positioning based on the incumbent’s current offer, so it may be not as feasible in 18 months

Still, if my competitivie operator were to offer that, I’d sign this minute!

It’s good to start getting attention for what our network will do instead of only for the battle we won…

Fiberevolution is a newish fiber blog based in France and focused on the business side of the story. It features an emphasis on European telecom. Lafayette’s Cajun and Creole readers should find links to French language blogs refreshing.

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