Clarksville is Building its Fiber

Via the good offices of Hank Ballew at I discovered that Clarksville, TN has begun its fiber-optic build. The trucks started rolling on June 13th.


Clarksville is interesting to Lafayette citizens because its situation is remarkably similar to our own. Most noticeably Clarksville and Lafayette are aproximately the same size with Lafayette showing 7,000 more people during the 2000 census but Clarksville boasting a few hundred more in the 2005 estimate. Similarly Clarksville serves 54,000 customers while LUS sells electricity to 58,000. The two cities construction schedules will substantially overlap with, it seems, Lafayette running about 6 months behind Clarksville at the beginning but finishing at about the same time. Atlantic Engineering is Lafayette’s network’s designer and will oversee the build while it is both designing and constructing Clarksville’s. So watching should be a little like looking into a mirror—the similarities and differences that emerge ought to be interesting.

One of the differences, as I’ve noted previously, is that Clarksville did not have to fight for its network in the same way that Lafayette did. It’ll be interesting to see if that makes any difference in the way citizens regard the service and therefore in the utility’s subscription rates.

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