AT&T’s 10 dollar deal: Is it real?

I recently covered a $10 dollar DSL deal and a promise of a $20 dollar “naked DSL plan from AT&T that ought to be available locally. (It’s got some preconditions, see my post.) David Isenberg dug a little harder and made the case that these plans weren’t actually being “offered” in any real sense of the term. Now he (and I!) would like to know if anyone out there is actually getting this deal.

Background: AT&T agreed, as a condition of its merger with BellSouth, to offer these deals. As we in Lafayette know, the phone company doesn’t necessarily keep its word and this appears to be a case where the company is skirting pretty close to simply breaking the law. I dug around a bit for this post and discovered yet another very real obligation on Ars Technica: AT&T is supposed to make broadband available to EVERYONE in its footprint; it promised to provide at least 85% of its customers with DSL and would tie the last 15% in with satellite or WiMax. So if they tell you they can’t provision you — ask again.!

The question of AT&T keeping its word comes up following a small internet furor over a story popularized on engadget about a fellow that had a real hassle getting the $10 dollar deal from AT&T. I had similar issues when I tried to see how real the offer was locally.

Has anyone out there tried? What’s your story? Were you successful? Did you eventually give up trying and go for the “good” (but more expensive) “deal” that was easier to get?

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45 thoughts on “AT&T’s 10 dollar deal: Is it real?”

  1. I signed up for this service through the att web site. I followed the instructions to sign up for $15 dollar dsl service. I saw an ad saying I could get att dsl for $10 a month. It said I would have to pay for the modem. I will be able to send in a $50 dollar rebate which will cover the cost of the modem. I think att is your usual company that goes after profit more than it worries about the customer. I am waiting for the equipment to arrive. I currently use att dial up. It connects at 53.33 kbps. It beats aol and other companies that suck. No internet company will be perfect. I like this deal though. I am happy that I will not have to talk to someone from India to install it. They are smart people, but their accent usually makes any conversation frustrating. I am installing the service myself. It should be a piece of cake. The modem has to be plugged into a standard power plug. The modem has to have a standard phone cable plugged into it. The next step is to plug the included network cable into the back of your computer and the other end into the modem. If all else fails, find a friend to help you who is a geek. A reputable college student who has technical knowlede would do the job for $40.00 easy. There is no reason people should have to pay $200.00 for an install. Once your internet connection is up, you need to get security software pronto. Make sure the Windows firewall is on. Avg free edition is decent antivirus software. The free version of Zone Alarm is good. Webroot spy sweeper is the best antispyware software for non techical users. Spybot search and destroy and adaware are good freeware antispyware scanners. You can read reviews online to find out that the software I mentioned is legit. I hope you found the info I gave useful.

    High speed and a Merry Christmas too all!

  2. just tried to sign up for the 10 dollar a month internet..said is was only for businesses, then spent 2 hours chating with customer help, which was extremly frustrating. At&t are breaking the law and their areements

  3. i pay 10$ a month for at&t dsl, didn't have to buy a modem, already had it. It was great the first 6 months or so, but i have been having some issues lately. The customer service leaves alot to be desired. Whoever said you don't have to speak to someone in India for tech support obviously hasn't called at&t tech support. I've talked to several people in India, and a few in The Philipines (sp?) I'll be switching to cable shortly.

  4. August O8 Anon,

    Congrats on getting the deal. How’d you do it? Lots of folks have had trouble getting it and details on how you accomplished it would help them.


  5. no, its fake, i first i log in my address to check if i was qualified
    then it said yes
    so then i sign up a after i sign up
    and got a number its now saying no
    then i asked one of the service chat " she said come back in few hours you should be able to get the ten dollar dsl service so i did
    and it now saying im not qualified
    again i ask the chat service " she said come back 72 hours later, it take 72 hours for the the phone line to kick in. To make it short 3 days later i tried again and its not telling me I am only qualified for the 60 dollar sevice for dsl
    its all a fake.. pls dont buy into it

  6. I live in Georgia and signed up for 10 dollar a month ATT internet service. I ordered online and received a free modem and paid only 10 dollars a month plus taxes and the usual fees. I had no problems signing up and no problems with the service. I did not pay for installation. I set it up myself, which was very easy, using the set-up cd. To find it online, you have to do a specific search for the 10 dollar service.

  7. June 2010 Anon,

    AT&T was only required to offer this deal for 2.5 years after its merger with BellSouth. We are now past that date. When did you start service? I'd be (happily) surprised if AT&T were offering this after it was no longer a regulatory requirement.

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