YES! Poles Being Surveyed for Fiber

There are two guys outside my house right now surveying the pole across the street to make sure that there is enough room to run the fiber down the street.


They’re in nifty white trucks that say “Atlantic Engineering” on the door with a magnetic stick-on sign that proclaims they are “contracted by LUS.” They’re walking down the street with a monstrous big yellow extension measuring stick and a clipboard marking the distance between the ground and each wire. One of ’em has a neat little yellow sighting device that marks the distance between poles.

I went over and talked to ’em briefly (didn’t want to be the cause of any delay!) and they confirmed that they were surveying for the fiber that LUS was going install—”the fiber that the people in the city voted for a while back.” One fellow talked briefly about making sure it wasn’t too close to a power line in a comfortingly familiar Cajun accent. I smiled big, thanked ’em and scuttled out of the way.

Now I live off a major thoroughfare and they didn’t survey all the poles on my side street so my guess is that this is sort of sort of a spot check for laying out a major trunk. (Meaning I’m not getting my hopes up. 🙂 )

Men working. Boots on the ground, it’s amazing how reassuring that is.

Made my day.

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