Fiber Brief: Council Approves Fiber Funding

KLFY briefly covers Tuesday’s council meeting approval of the funding plans for the fiber build in print saying that:

The plans include covering the estimated expenses of the 110 million dollars project for the next five years.

That includes about 85 million for most of the large construction needs to get the fiber optics network in place.

It also includes 20 million for equipment and construction at the main control center and other hubs throughout the system.

Other spending in the five year plan deals with the running of fiber lines and maintenance costs.

The system is expected to be up by early 2009.

Not news exactly, but a comforting confirmation that things are happening as they ought.

(There is video on the site–or so they claim–but the antiquated system they use to hide serve their online video makes it impossible for me–and other mac users I’ve asked–to access the video story. And before you ask: yes, I am technically proficient, have the MS software they require and it works perfectly everywhere else that I need to access windows media. When I can puzzle out the URL, as I have at times, the actual video plays fine. It’s the creaky system that refused to let me get the video that is at fault. Our two local stations need to find someone competent to provide this service that doesn’t eliminate the going on 10% of the online market represented by Mac users. And that’s without worrying about Linux users whom, I suspect, also face difficulties visited on them by broken proprietary systems.)