“Cox, Ragin’ Cajuns join forces”

The Daily Advertiser ran a story on the Cox/ULL “partnership for victory” deal in the Sunday paper. Its a pretty straightforward tale, and they’ve got new details on the including the breakdown on how much is being paid for each element of the $200,000 dollar a year for 10 year deal.

The highlights are 350,000 dollars as an in-kind for running Cox fiber to ULL buildings here, and in New Iberia where Cox also owns the cable franchise and a 100,000 dollar a year purchase of the naming rights for the athletic building. That’s half the fund, a cool million for putting Cox before the name of the Athletic Complex that contains Cajun Field.

What’s not highlighted, nor even mentioned, is any exclusive redistribution rights like the ones I worried about at length on Friday. That claim was featured on the Independent’s blog but has not appeared elsewhere. In fact the Advertiser story, and its accompanying sidebar detail how much was paid for what—and no money is allocated to such a deal.

I’m unsure what is really going on…..and it will be interesting to see how the story will mature.

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