“The FCC’s Rose-Colored Broadband Glasses”

Broadband Reports has a “worth-your-read” overview article of the sad state of the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC is that little-known but uber-important federal regulatory body that was chartered to prevent corporate abuse in the monopoly-prone national communications market. It has been so thoroughly captured by the corporations that it is supposed to regulate that it defines broadband as a mere 200 kbps, doesn’t collect anything resembling adequate data on the market it is supposed to regulate, and hides what little data it does collect from the consuming public.

Broadband reports gives a good rundown on the current state of this body’s data collection processes and the forces which might force some change.


It’s that time of year again; time for the FCC to release U.S. broadband data that’s about as reliable as a heroin addict in charge of your retirement funds. Despite years of criticism from everyone from consumer advocates to the GAO, the FCC continues to insist that if one home in a zip-code has broadband, that broadband is wired for service…

One interesting note: FCC data shows that broadband over powerline (BPL), which the agency once called the “great broadband hope,” actually had fewer total subscribers at the end of December than when the year started. The FCC has consistently lauded BPL as a third competitive pipe that would bring competition to the market, and has used its “success” as justification for deregulation…

The FCC’s rulings will have an enormous effect on LUS’ ability to compete. Ironically for us as consumers hoping for relief via LUS competion the FCC’s pro-corporate rulings might actually rebound to our benefit since federal rules meant to “deregulate” override state laws and local contracts that emphasize local sovereignty, consumer protection, and municipal property rights. LUS, as a newly minted telecom corp. benefits. Luckily it belongs to us….and presumably won’t be tempted to abuse its new freedoms. (Of course we ought to watch it…:-))

The FCC’s Rose-Colored Broadband Glasses – It’s that time of year again…. – dslreports.com

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