Quickie: Bust Broome

A quick note:

Sharon Weston Broome, she of fiber fight infamy, wants to be Louisiana’s Senate president pro tem.

She shouldn’t be considered and no Acadiana region legislator should support her bid.

The fast rundown:

  1. Broome is the legislator that “authored”the infamous anti-Lafayette revision to the (un)Fair Competition Act. That bill, eventually passed in drastically ammended form, was submitted only 1 year after the “compromise” law was passed and was the incumbents’ attempt to get additional advantage before the law was ever used the first time.
  2. That act was clearly written by and submitted at the behest of Cox Communications.
  3. It would have forced a second referendum on Lafayette
  4. It would have fined Lafayette $900,000 dollars if the voters approved building a fiber network of their own
  5. To add insult to injury the law would have given that nearly $1 million dollars to Cox!

Lafayette’s people rose up in a campaign of letter writing and calling that led Broome to recant the more obvious mistakes in “her” bill, ask our representatives to tell the people of Lafayette that she was not a “vicious” person, and to say that she was not planning on returning to Lafayette until “it’s safe.”

Ms Broome has demonstrated her incompetence and her willingness to carry water for entrenched special interests to the detriment of the people she was elected to represent.

She has not earned any position of respect or honor.

PS: If that’s not enough to convince you, you might need to be reminded that this is the same Sharon Weston Broome that embarrassed the state by seriously suggesting that the state of Louisiana pass a resolution saying that it was our understanding that Darwin’s theory of evolution is racist.

Really. I couldn’t make stuff like that up.

Let your reps know that Ms Broome shouldn’t be an officer of our legislature.

2 thoughts on “Quickie: Bust Broome”

  1. Oh anonymous ignorant person,

    You are mistaken on two counts.

    First, you commit the mistake of slideing between calling a person racist and calling the theory of evolution racist.

    What Ms Broome wanted was for the state to declare the “theory of evolution” racist. That is plain stupid–and embarrassed our state. I’m sorry, I wish I didn’t have to be so blunt but I am afraid nothing less will do.

    The theory of evolution isn’t racist and can’t be.

    Did ignorant people twist that theory to racist ends. Sure…but they had already, with considerably better historical validity so twisted the story of Ham in the Bible, for Christ’s sake. Ignorant people regularly say stupid things.

    Secondly, if you can’t resist th error of trying to tar the theory with the brush of Darwin the man that won’t work either. Because, in fact, the historical Darwin was not a racist either…or if you take the modest position that racism is endemic, he was less racist than almost any of his fellows in that era–including Abraham Lincoln and almost any religious divine you care to name. One could argue more effectively that his wide travels led both to his theory and to his well-known empathy for other humans. (Note that slavery was widespread, and based on the presumed inferiority of the enslaved long before Darwin wrote and that, in truth, it died out in the wake of his writing. — I draw no causal conclusion only note that bigotry long pre-existed his work and its misuse by bigots is no mark of shame for the the theory any more than it should be a reason to reject the bible.)

    For Darwin’s essential humanity, especially notable for the era in which he lived, see, for instance, the examples at: http://home.att.net/~troybritain/articles/darwin_on_race.htm

    Ms Broome’s attempt to smear a theory is wrong on both logical and historical grounds. The ignorance the underlies the effort was and remains embarrassing.