LUS “Ground-Breaking Announcement”

LUS is a going to make a “ground-breaking” announcement… They’re being a little coy about it but, at the very least they’re gonna 1) announce breaking ground on the headend facility (groundbreaking, get it?) and 2) announce their “brand”–The logo and slogan you’ll see on the side of all those trucks and on your monthly telecom bill come the day. With any luck at all they’ll feed us some more substantial information about our build. They’re slated to start construction sometime soon; so they’re bound to have some more juicy tidbits to hand….I’m ready to know more, much more.

January 10th, 11 AM at the headend building site, 234 Distribution Dr. (click the image for a map) Watch the evening news on the 10th….and the papers the next morning. Hope for something good with your coffee.