WBS: “Milestone Reached in Lafayette Fiber Deployment – LUS FTTH is on track”

Whats Being Said Department

Broadband Reports, which has followed the fiber battle in Lafayette exetensively, continues to track the story. It now covers the announcement of the groundbreaking last Thursday. The site is probably the largest discussion forum devoted to broadband issues in the nation and its always interesting to see what folks have to say in the comments. In this one we are treated to a repise of the debate as to whether or not Lafayette is “in the woods.” Oh well; it’s fun to read anyway. One guy does seem to have a handle on how arduous the planning for a fiber network has to be.

2 thoughts on “WBS: “Milestone Reached in Lafayette Fiber Deployment – LUS FTTH is on track””

  1. LUS and ONTRAC need to hire localally for this project. It is our money they are spening on this monster the least they could do is put a few more of us that are qualified to work.

  2. Ron,

    You can't hire what doesn't exist. No community has nor will any community ever have sufficient fiber-optic backbone installation techs to build out their own network. It's a one-time large construction project with serious technical specialization.

    They went with the most competent low bidder…as the law requires. On Trac is a national company—as are, by necessity, ALL fiber installation firms.

    Call the customer service lines or talk to the guys who install your house. You'll notice the accent. Those are permanent jobs; those are local voices you'll hear.

    PS…just for the record: It's not your money at least not until you are buying services. This is done _entirely_ on investors money; your subscription money pays them back. No public funding upfront at all.