Google-Based LUS Fiber Phase One Map

I’ve worked up an easy to navigate map of the first phase of LUS’ fiber to the home buildout. You should be able to use this just as you’d use any standard google map.

This should make it fairly simple to tell whether your home is in or out of the first stage of the buildout scheduled to be completed by January of 08.

The light orange “blotch” on the map below is taken from one of LUS’ maps of phase one and overlaid onto a standard google map of Lafayette. It’s transparent so that as you zoom into the map you’ll be able to read your address through the light tint. Clicking on the map lets you dive into it. Just click in your area of town and dive in till you can see your neighborhood street names appearing. If you get a little off target click and drag in google window and pull the map around so the part you want to see is visible. You can also jump to the “larger map” and use the standard google interface to look around for your home or business.

View Larger Map

A reader complained in the comments to my earlier post that the map on the LUS Fiber site was hard to use. I had to agree….and tinkered this up in Google maps to accommodate him. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Google-Based LUS Fiber Phase One Map”

  1. Thanks Raymond. I knew that it bothered me…but I am both techno-geeky and education-geeky so my ideas about what makes an interface workable might be a bit over-thought. But your objections made me think I wasn’t alone. And I’ve been wanting to understand the Google setup a bit better for a while and this made for a good rationale to root around a bit more.

    Glad it worked for you!