Why Voting in Fiber Was Smart

Ok, every so often I see something that just snaps my head around. An “upbeat” report from Parks Associates, reported by Broadband Reports, demonstrates just how different my frame of reference has gotten. I think about the technical future differently from my compatriots.

This report is pleased to say that a bit more than 10% of the US population will have access to 10 Mbps of broadband by 2012.

This is regarded as good news.


That strikes me as crazy. Here in Lafayette 10 Mbps or so will be the least capable, el cheapo tier offered by LUS. Not the best. The least. Everyone…100% of the community…will have access to that kind of capacity. Within our own network we’ll be able to communicate at 100 mbps at NO additional charge.

And the rest of the US is supposed to be happy at the idea that 10% will get access to 10 mbps by 2012?

There is a better way than waiting for the incumbents to do it for you. You can do it for yourself.

We figured that out on July 16th, 2005.

We made the right decision.

1 thought on “Why Voting in Fiber Was Smart”

  1. Coming from a libertairian small-government viewpoint, I have this to say:

    Good thing we didn’t waste that government money building roads. The government could never do as good a job as the open market would!

    Yes, that is in snark…