FTTH satisfies consumers

Fiber T0 The Home is better than AT&T’s Fiber To The Node….according to a Corning program manager for fiber networking:

In a survey of customer satisfaction, respondents ranked Verizon’s Fios FTTH network highest in satisfaction with 96 percent of respondents satisfied with the service. By contrast, satellite-based services for DirecTV and Dish Network ranked at 89 and 82 percent respectively, and AT&T’s fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) service was in line with several cable TV services that ranged from 70 to 73 percent.

Separately, among consumers who said they were not satisfied with their new FTTN service from AT&T, about 70 percent said the reason was it offered inferior video service compared with their previous supplier, presumably a satellite or cable TV carrier.

In addition, adoption rates of the AT&T service have slumped recently, while those of Verizon are on the rise. The percentage of homes passed by the AT&T network that chose the service has gone from about 10 percent to about 6 percent. By contrast, figures for Verizon are trending up from about 4 percent to about 15 percent.

“inferior video service” —ouch.

So the FTTH service generates 7 to 14% more satisfied customers than satellite services and 23 to 26% more satisfied customers than cable or AT&T’s new cable service. And as people are becoming more familiar with AT&T’s service the phone company’s ability to get new customers is actually dropping. (You expect a new service to become more popular as the good word spreads and people become more familiar with its availability and advantages. If that isn’t happening it means that the bad word is spreading.)

It doesn’t sound like there is much hope that AT&T, if it should every get to Lafayette, will offer much of an improvement over Cox. If I had any I’d be selling my AT&T stock.

There is a rumor out there that AT&T will make another try at statewide video franchising in the coming regular session of the legislature. The last time around only Kathleen Blanco’s brave veto (at the behest of both rural and urban local governments) saved the state from giving away the farm on AT&T’s promise of a fancy new service. The evidence is starting to come in that its a service that is so bad that nobody much wants it. I hope the legislatures this time through trouble themselves to look at the evidence of whether or not people really want this thing before they offend both the municipal association and the police juries.

If Verizon can get 96% approval for its new fiber offering, just think of how happy a utility with hometown chops and fiber can make you.
I want my LUS Fiber. Now.

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