“Cox Responds to EATEL Ad”

Sharon Kleinpeter of Cox tells the Independent that folks in Lafayette definitely can get the 75 dollar triple play deal (about half off!) as long as you don’t currently have Cox phone service.

It’s a good deal and the first sign of real price competition in Louisiana attributable to locally fostered competition.

Cox’s Kleinpeter tries to finesse the question of whether they are targeting EATel with this promotion even while admitting that they are only advertising it in Ascension. The implication is that Cox just happens to be “testing” it in Ascension. Sure…it was entirely coincidental that the ONLY place that it was actively promoted was in the ONLY place where a local fiber to the home project was up and running and costing them market share. And it was only a coincidence that it was ONLY offered to folks who were switching phone service to Cox from a local phone company that recently started offering cable tv service over that fiber. Cox really shouldn’t try to mislead people so transparently. It will make people outside of Lafayette think that Cox isn’t honest about such things. (People inside Lafayette already know this.) Really, it shouldn’t be embarrassing to actually admit to competing on price…regular companies have to do it all the time—and do it fairly.

The package a deal…and apparently there is no contract involved. Just a guarantee of the price for 12 months. It’ll do till something better comes along.

(Thanks are due to EATEL for uncovering this and to the Independent for following up with such alacrity—the weekly had to ask “embarrassing” questions of a major regional advertiser. They did it, and are running the results, apparently without flinching. It should be noticed. Kudos.)

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