F2C conference streaming

The Freedom To Connect (F2C) conference is this coming Monday-Tuesday and readers are cordially invited to “attend.” A live stream will be announced on the central web page starting at 8:30 Monday.

It’s well worth the click-through. I recently outlined the virtues of the conference and you can take a look at my review. But being able to “virtually” attend—and at F@C even participate by commenting on the scrolling chat screen that dominates the stage behind the presenters—is one of those amazing things the internet has made possible.

I’ll be on 1:00 Monday panel “Open Fiber” and my focus will be Lafayette’s fiber and net citizenship. (A hint: I think citizenship is, or should be, the goal—and that local, public ownership is the only realistic path.) That panel should be especially interesting for Lafayette’s fiberistas but the lineup, my name notwithstanding, is really impressive.

Give it a look, take advantage of the net to inform yourself on how to keep it.

2 thoughts on “F2C conference streaming”

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