LUS Fiber Construction Map

Latest: aerial fiber 1/3/08 at South Magnolia & 12th st.

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Pins on this map locate sightings of construction on the Lafayette community’s new fiber-optic system.

This is a publicly editable, collaborative map. You are encouraged to add your own sightings to the map. Please!

Click on “View Larger Map” to go to a page that will allow you to put your own pin on the map.

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—The obvious disclaimer: this publicly editable map is neither official nor complete nor guaranteed to be accurate 🙂 (It is only as accurate as its users. If you want to “fix” it you can; that’s the idea.)

HISTORY: Originally posted: 1/18/08, Updates: 1/24/08, 2/08/08, 2/28/08, 3/14/08, 4/3/08….

3 thoughts on “LUS Fiber Construction Map”

  1. One caveat — Utility owners mark existing utility lines at the request of homeowners, engineers or contractors in advance of any proposed underground construction or demolition. I would be cautious to conclude that fiber construction is imminent based on the presence of utility markings — that could be a number of things other than construction of the fiber system.

    I continue to be impressed with your management of the blog, and of the tools (such as the interactive map) that you provide to keep interested persons up to date. Thanks for your continued support, John.

    Don Broussard

  2. Hi Don,

    Thanks for the kind remarks.

    You’re right of course, some of these sightings might be something else. (Though not the actual digging out by the mall–I talked to those guys personally; they were the contractors who won the bid…and even if I hadn’t talked and didn’t know that, well, that was just too obvious.)

    Sure LUS has people in the field all the time. In fact some of your guys from the water division have been digging up water lines between Moss and Evangeline and between St. Charles and Evangeline near downtown–water pressure issues I think. That’s not been reported here as fiber. (sadly for me 🙂 )

    It’s hard to be discreet about fiber construction starting when there are 20 men on your block digging holes to lay in a new fiber utilty. The cat’s out of the bag. An announcement is in order.