Reaching into the Home

Saturday I spun out an extended bit on AT&T wanting to get into home networking—and had some ideas about what home networking might mean for LUS and Lafayette. AT&T is not alone in trying to extend its reach. According to LightReading a lot of companies are trying to figure out a way to smooth out the home networking experience. The purpose, of course, is to make networking fast enough and easy enough to implement to create a larger market for their product.

LUS supplier Alcatel-Lucent is among that number. The relevant paragraph:

And Cisco isn’t the only company with the living room built into its strategy — Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE: ALUmessage board) recently announced the acquisition of remote broadband management player Motive Inc. (Nasdaq: MOTVmessage board), which, according to AlcaLu, has developed “solutions allowing better visibility into home networks.” (See AlcaLu Gets Motivated and AlcaLu to Buy Motive.)


Don’t suppose LUS could be interested?