“Cox donates laptops”

Credit where credit is due: Cox is stepping up to donate 100 laptops to the 100 students who will be entering the freshman class of the new “Early College Academy” according to this morning’s report.

The Early College Academy was recently announced (see two short articles in the Advertiser on 8/7 and 8/8) by the school board in partnership with the South Louisiana Community College. The hope is that students would be able to leave high school with an associate degree or other certification from SLCC. Just what that would entail is unclear but a more intense academic experience is almost required. And for that a computer will certainly be helpful. And, because every student will have a machine teachers will be able to build their curriculum built on that level of access. (It’d be an additional help for Cox to donate the home internet connection to make these uniformly available as assignment and homework machines….)

Kudos to Cox on this one.

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