“NuComm looks to grow”

Long-time readers will recall NuComm as one of the signal successes of the Lafayette Fiber to the Home project. The community’s do-it-for-yourself spirit, and the huge capacity that community fiber will make available in Lafayette, attracted the Canadian call center business NuComm to a location in an underutilized North Lafayette shopping center. (Take a look at our original coverage.) The 1000 jobs they were to bring was proof positive that having fiber would provide job benefits to all segments of the community.

NuComm is in the news today looking for more employees. They are currently up to 505 onsite with 50-60 offsite employees working from home. (That 50-60 has plenty of room to grow when the 100 meg intranet that LUSfiber will bring makes working offsite just as fast as working in the cubicle down at the main office – and a sight easier location from which to care for the kids or grandma.) 560 or so citizens with new jobs is nothing to sneeze at, but apparently there are 125 positions going begging now. NuComm would still like to hit the 1000 number but is finding recruiting the right candidates hard. LEDA and South Louisiana Community College are trying to help out but training funnels take more time than NuComm apparently has.

If you know of anyone who is looking for an entry-level job point ’em that way. Starting pay is $9.05.

3 thoughts on ““NuComm looks to grow””

  1. Please find out how much Nucomm pays for the LUS fiber and let us know? Someon told me they don’t even use it.

  2. Sorry anono,

    I am certain LUS won’t tell me who buys from them and certainly won’t tell me how much the pay! (Same goes for electricity, I’ll bet. 🙂 )

    That said, given what NuComm has said publicly and repeatedly about LUS fiber it wouldn’t make much sense to me if they didn’t go for it when it became available to them.