“CableCo’s – Stop Claiming You’re All About Fiber!”

Geoff Daily takes off on the cable companies’s deceptive practice of rebranding their hybrid fiber-coax networks as “fiber-powered” or “The New Face of Fiber” or some such nonsense. The point, of course, is to confuse the public about the quality of their network in comparison to a real (no hyphen) fiber network. We’ve complained about the same in these pages.

No surprise to those from Lafayette, his immediate inspiration is Cox advertising in his locale where, when questioned, the Cox spokeswoman denies that it means that Cox is about to go all-fiber-optic: “”It just means we’ve always had fiber.” So what’s this “new” face business meant to imply?

Geoff is offended. But instead of just comlaining he hopes to act. To that end he wants to lodge a complaint of deceptive advertising with the FCC. He’d like your help:

To that end, I’d like to put out an open invitation to anyone who’s reading to start keeping an eye out for suspect-looking cable ads. Any time you see a TV or radio ad, billboard or newspaper ad where your incumbent cableco is touting its fiber optics, try to capture it in some way. Record it, take a picture, or even just write down the words, and then start adding this material as comments to this post.

If we can collect enough evidence, I’ll take this cause right to the FTC to see what I can get done to stop this unethical practice.

Because if you’re like me and believe fiber is our future, we can’t sit passively on the sidelines any more and allow this deception to continue happening.

If I weren’t out of Lafayette I’d take a pic of the “advanced fiber now” billboard on Evangeline Thruway south of Johnston/Louisiana and snip some of those Cox “fiber” ads off my TiVo to send him.

Anybody help me out?

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