Terry Huval Video on LUSFiber @ App-Rising

Geoff Daily of App-Rising has posted a video interview with Terry Huval that focuses on Lafayette’s community-owned fiber-optic network. I’ve embedded the Viddler video below but you really should travel to Geoff’s blog and get his comments.

It’s a great interview that lays out the basics of the project, explores the history of Lafayette and the network, and ends with some thoughts about what can be done with it…

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Some highlights to further entice:

  • LUS will build a true Fiber To The Home network; those of us in Lafayette are too close to it but that’s the most impressive “feature” to those outside our community and Louisiana.
  • Cheapest internet tier 10 megs up and down
  • 100 meg intranet—which Terry notes is an idea that came out of the community—brings everyone up to the same high level
  • largest, fastest network in the country…building extra capacity on the front end, preparing for gigabit speeds
  • The history of Lafayette, its 1896 vote to build an electric utility, the wildcatter heritage called on to explain why the city was willing to step out
  • the evolution of the network from supporting LUS, to providing governmental services, to wholesale sales, to finally a fiber to the home and business network
  • the hope is that Lafayette can become a testbed for big bandwidth application developers
  • particularly near and dear to me—Terry closed out by talking about the “cultural ensemble” and the potential for local culture and the arts.