CampFiber: Tomorrow!

CampFiber, the informal-but-organized meeting that will explore what we do with all the bandwidth that is coming to Lafayette when LUS launches the fiber network, will start tomorrow, Saturday the fourth of October. Be there or be square! This meeting (with more promised) will focus on discussions with and between local developers. Developers will present their ideas with the intention of soliciting input and collaboration from their peers and folks from education and community media (and any others that come!—Registration is open.) will push the developer community to meet some of their unmet needs.

As readers may recall I’ve promoted CampFiber on these pages before. Geoff Daily, the national blogger on big broadband issues who has chronicled and promoted much of Lafayette’s recent developments, organized the event with the help of local worthies like Terry Huval (LUS) and Abigail Ransonet (Abacus). They have put together an event help push the community toward finding uses for all that fiber-based bandwidth.

Geoff recently sent out an email describing the late lineup for tomorrow’s meeting. Extracts from the letter:

  • We’re opening the doors at 8:30am on Saturday and will kick off at 9am with remarks from Mayor Durel.
  • CampFiber will be held in the media room at the Travis Technology Center at 110 Travis St. If you have any trouble finding it, call me at 202-834-0121.
  • If you know of anyone who’s not on this email list but should be attending, please forward them this email and encourage them to come. The more the merrier!
  • We’ve got 5 people signed up to do presentations so far:
    • David Goodwyn showing of his Emmersive Training app
    • Aaron Lozier showing off a project management app that blends the web and desktop experiences
    • Eric Credeur discussing what excites him about virtualization and in-network app delivery through Abacus
    • Matt Turland discussing the evolution of standards and apps for web services in high bandwidth environments
    • Geoff Daily discussing the need to focus on usability when creating apps for the masses
  • If there’s a discussion you want to lead or app you want to show off, either that you’ve built yourself or just that you think is cool, please come prepared to do so. These are informal discussions so no need for big Powerpoint presentations, it’s more about sharing information and ideas. If you can please notify me of your interest, but also know that if you come with something to talk about we’ll be able to find time to do so.
  • Also, we’re going to attempt to webcast this CampFiber. I don’t yet have the link for people to go to to watch, but I’ll be posting it through Twitter, on our wiki, and on my site as soon as we do. Once we get that together please feel encouraged to share it with whoever might be interested but is unavailable to join us in person.

Sounds great! Please plan to attend if this seems down your alley at all.

19 thoughts on “CampFiber: Tomorrow!”

  1. Huh… Is it too late to register? EventBrite doesn’t let me register, and I didn’t remember about this until I saw this post this morning.

    Well, I went ahead and added my name on, so hopefully that would be enough.