Keeping Our Children Home

Ok, Long-term readers will harken back to the day of the Fiber Fight in 05 (Gads!) and recall that a central theme of the successful campaign was “keeping our children home.” The idea that building our own advanced telecom infrastructure was the best way our community could build a Lafayette that would keep the voter’s children and grandchildren here was a hugely popular theme that, in my judgment, did more to win the day than technological razzle-dazzle or earnest pro-development pitches. The effective meat in all those messages is the human one: making a place in the future for our children. That’s the only serious job of real adults and Lafayette took the charge seriously when it voted in fiber.

This is all recalled to mind by a message from David Isenberg (he of “the dumb network” and isenblog fame) that linked to a video of a Vermont high tech/creatives job fair aimed at keeping Vermont’s kids home. He advocates LUS and the city doing something similar to that depicted in the video below. I think he’s absolutely right. Take a look and see what you think.