Durel’s wishlist to Obama

What’s Being Said

The INDblog carries news of Mayor Durel’s Christmas list for Santa Obama. MSNBC sent out an email asking 100 more than 1000 mayors for their top two wishes of the new administration. Durel’s reply could be summarized in a word: infrastructure. First he wants the Feds to fund I-49 between New Orleans and Lafayette (we’ve been registered for that gift for a number of years now). But the second wasn’t so much an ask as a tell:

The city of Lafayette is installing fiber optics to every home and business in the city that wants it. We will give our citizens, peer to peer connectivity of 100mbs — for free! This is being done through our city-owned utility and we will have something 80 to 90% of America won’t have 20 years from now. The federal government needs to do all it can to encourage municipalities to do what we are doing.

Durel touts our FTTH project and recommends that the nation follow our lead and invest in useful infrastructure.

Can’t say as I disagree.

[…….pssst: Joey’s first name is really “Lester?” For true?]

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