Lafayette Technology Google Discussion Group

Raymond Camden, Adobe guru and all-around tech guy, has started up a Google discussion group aimed at tech-savvy Lafayette. In a post on the idea he indicates that the group is aimed at providing a forum for “generic technology” discussions. An illustrative bit from the post:

This listserv can be used to talk about…

  • Should I buy a new Mac or PC? (By the way, the answer is Mac)
  • Should I go with ATT or Cox or wait for Fiber? (Cox for now, but switch to fiber when you can!)
  • How do I get into programming?
  • What editor is best for development?
  • What local Best Buy will have the earlier copy of the new Warcraft expansion?
  • Where can I find a job using C++/.Net?

Basically, anything and everything with regards to technology.

They’re still starting up but an early discussion explored some issues with Cox’s HD service with several folks complaining about breakup on the HD channels. This is interesting to me since I just ordered my first HD TV (doing my bit for the economy) and am eagerly anticipating using the thing.

This is a classic “good thing.” Talk is the basis of community and the tech community here could use more threads to knit it together—this discussion group could easily be a thread in that fabric. A bonus: most of the names on the current list of members are familiar and are good folks, not just techy but community-oriented.


It’s a new list and needs members—and new discussion. Give it a try.

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