Calling All Tech Types: A Salon

Lafayette CIO Keith Thibodeaux is starting up a Salon tomorrow, Tuesday the 23rd, and you’re invited. The Particulars:

Time: 5:00 – 6:30pm.
Where: City Hall
Purpose: Ideas
Description: The topic of the night will be “the next generation of application programming.” There will be a very small (5 min) opening presentation, then unstructured social discussion for the remainder of the time.
Extras: Light refreshments will be provided. (RSVP requested so he can get that part right) There’ll be a video feed from the Council Chambers so that fiberistas can move down to chamber when Huval comes on.

Ok, so what’s a Salon? (No not a saloon. That’s something else entirely.) It’s a place where folks go to exchange goes back to the Enlightenment; the history is pretty rich and you can get a sense of it from wikipedia. But Keith is inspired directly by Alexander Graham Bell (the phone Bell; rember BellSouth?) who had a wing built onto his Washington mansion to accomodate Salons which were, by all accounts (search “Wednesday evenings,”) amazing gatherings.

It’s a great idea for Lafayette. We need to talk more. There are a lot of great ideas out there and they need to be talked about. Ideas that don’t live on in others are dead… With the new network about to be launched there will be plenty of room to play. It’s time to go public with your ideas. Talk to Keith. Listen. Talk