FYI: LUS Fiber’s First Email

For Your Information

Not too much to report here except that LUS has sent its first round of emails out to what I presume was the list I signed up for way back when. (You can get on what is probably the same list at their signup page:

Here’s the text of the message:

Welcome to your future!

The time has come! LUS Fiber will begin serving our first customer early 2009. To ensure quality customer service and a timely installation, we will launch a controlled roll out of our TV, Internet and Phone services. Customers in Phase One of our four-phase city-wide build-out plan will be notified by mail when service is available to them.

We are also very excited to give you the first look at our residential VIP (Video, Internet and Phone) Bundles. Our full suite of products will be announced soon.

Our 100% fiber optic network will provide the highest quality communication services over LafayetteÔÇÜs only customer-owned system at competitive rates. Our strategy is to keep our pricing simple and straightforward. In the coming months, we will keep you updated on our products, services and the status of our city-wide build-out.

We look forward to delivering enhanced television programming, lighting-fast Internet speeds and crystal-clear phone services. As always, you can reach the LUS Fiber team by calling 99-FIBER (993-4237) or visiting our website at

Happy Holidays!
Your LUS Fiber Team

6 thoughts on “FYI: LUS Fiber’s First Email”

  1. Would I be too much of a geek if I said I was -way- excited to get the email? I’m Zone 4 and will probably be one of the last people to get fiber, but the email really got me excited.

  2. I know I was _way_ excited myself. So as far as I’m concerned that’s a perfectly reasonable response.

    (But then I’m pretty much the last person to ask… for a rationale judgment on that. ­čśë )

  3. Yep, I am excited to but even though I am in Zone 1, I think I may wait 2-3 months so the bugs can be ironed out. It may not be a fair comparison, but I signed up for Cox HSI when Cox first offered it in New Orleans. While the service was better than dial-up, there were a lot of blackouts. I know things have changed a great deal since then, but I wonder what the main issues may be in the early stages of roll-out. Who is handling the network, is LUS contracting it out to a experienced company or doing everything in house?

  4. Monkeyboy,

    I think that you are likely right–that there will almost inevitably be glitches.There always are. That’s why the caution in the letter about a “controlled rollout” I think: they want to start up slow and try and avoid embarrassments. (I doubt that will work. You can’t avoid some stumbling around. You just have to be gracious when it happens.)

    That said I’d be happy to put up with any mess from day one. Just to be able to say I was there at the beginning.

    As to experience, LUS has hired the most experienced people available I think. I’ve talked to the guys they’ve got installing..and while I’ve probably been lucky this was not the first fiber job for the guys I’ve chatted with. The contractor/engineer, Atlantic Engineering, has more muni builds under their belt than anyone. I’ve seen the head of the company at conferences and was really impressed.

    No guarantee of trouble-free of course, and as I said, I have to think trouble likely. But it won’t be because LUS hasn’t gone after the most experience they could get.

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