LUS Fiber News Flyer

The Google Internet Machine this morning dredged up what looks to be a promo flyer from LUS Fiber. Since it is not officially released (to my knowledge) it can’t be taken as a promise. But, on the other hand, LUS paid somebody to lay this out professionally so I’m guessing that it represents an honest intention (click the image for a readable image-based version or go for the pdf :

It touts the top 5 reasons to switch:

  1. prices
  2. innovation
  3. customer service
  4. local folks
  5. economic development

The flyer offers details on the service, most familiar but some interestingly specified. For instance HD, Video On Demand (VOD), Pay Per View, and Digital Video recording will apparently all be part of the initial launch. Most innovative is the “Interactive TV Web Portal.” What that, precisely, might be is unclear. It could range from a broad, net-based, google widget-like interface to something more narrowly tied to the IPTV box and its interface. I’ve advocated the former (related) and suspect the latter as this feature is included in the “TV” rather than “internet” box. Remember back in the day when the coming thing was going to be “interactive TV?” Then the web happened. It’ll be fascinating to see how this version works.

The internet portion of the page focuses on the breath-taking speed—both to the internet and within our unique intranet. LUS Fiber will also promote a competitive array of email addresses, online storage, webmail access, and personal webspace. I, like Mike, have been bumping up against bandwidth constraints recently and I am looking forward to LUS’ speeds.

All in all an interesting peek into the near future.

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