Tipitina’s Comes to Lafayette

Well, Tipitina’s music coop, anyway— 😉

This seems a month of wishes fulfilled for me. I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of the LUS Fiber network–that’s huge–but now Tipitina’s music coop is opening in Lafayette.

The basic idea is to provide well-appointed space and tools (musical, computer, and business) to aspiring musical artists. It appears to be mostly grant supported with a fairly nominal fee for coop membership.

Back in June I read a story in The Advocate about Tipitina’s Coop in other cities in Louisiana and wrote a bit on how it, coupled with AOC’s new ACFM, would give Lafayette some nice, commons-based media arts infrastructure. Suffice it to say now that its coming to Lafayette is a very welcome development.

Links to the Indepenndent’s story on the launch and to the Advocate’s.

Tipitina’s Foundaton, Lafayette’s coop facebook page.

Good things happening….

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