“Residents consider fiber”

The Sunday Advertiser runs a person-in-the-street story on fiber, talking to a few folks about their decision-making process. (In so far as they’ve formulated one. I doubt that most of us have.) Reported reactions range roughly from “I need to know more.” to “I can’t wait.”

There’s no doubt for me, of course. I’m thinking more like Dr. Feinburg:

…who lives along Twin Oaks Boulevard, said he is eager to sign up for LUS Fiber and is particularly interested in using its Internet service. Officials have said that the almost-unlimited amount of bandwidth and speeds will mean a faster Internet for LUS customers.

“I’m doing more than thinking about it,” Feinberg said. “I think it’s progressive and forward-thinking for our city.”

Sure there’ll start-up glitches. I’m looking forward to grousing about them. It’s all part of being able to brag later that I signed on first chance I got. In the end we’ll get much better service and the chance to use our money to develop resources in our city instead of lining the pockets of somebody in Atlanta or Dallas.

3 thoughts on ““Residents consider fiber””

  1. Count me in the anticipating group! I can’t wait for the internet upload speeds. I use Remote Desktop and VNC through VPN, and I’m tired of the crippling upload speeds with Cox.
    But the kicker to me is that there are no contracts or installation fees. I’m surprised that was never mentioned in the article as that’s one of the biggest reasons I’m so eager to give it a try.